World Tour – Il Divo- FOH Sound Engineer

World Tour – Il Divo- FOH Sound Engineer

DIVO As of 2015, the group has released nine albums and two live recordings of concerts.In recognition of its success, Il Divo was named “Artist of the Decade” at the 2011 Classic Brit Awards and among others, the Silver Clef Award from the hand of Knordoff Robbins in 2015.

Il Divo turned into an international reference group after achievement of being the first classical crossover group in history to reach the summit of the Billboard 200 US list in 2005, in addition to position itself in the top spot of the Adult Contemporary list. With the album The Promise in 2008, they broke the American record sales in the first week of publication. With the first four discs, they achieved 50 top positions in the album charts in America, Europe, Canada and America. In 2006, they were entered into the Guinness Book of World Records as the most commercially successful classical-crossover group in music history, as well as the most international, and as of 2016, they have entered the list of best-selling music albums of all time, with 5 million copies in just 2006 with the album Siempre. On stages around the world also they gathered great success selling over 2 million concert tickets only from their first four albums, in his first world tour they sold out in 69 cities of 18 countries

FOH engineer European Tour 2013 – Il Divo

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